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My Voice Is Power

“What makes your voice dangerous?” This question seemed so far out of left field and hit straight to the target in my gut. Nothing I’d said with my words insinuated that my voice is dangerous. In fact, I am always so intentional with my words, deliberate with my tone, careful with what I say. I consider how it may be received before I let it cross my lips. And there it is. Why the need to be so cautious? It shows. To the room filled with coaches, it was clear that I was being measured. What I realize now is that to ANYONE it’s been clear that I had been conservative about what and how much I share. But I thought I was being considerate. I thought I was just being a thoughtful person. So when the senior mentor coach and trainer asked me this question off the top, it threw me completely off and I felt tears threaten to fall. Who am I tryna front, the tears most certainly fell. What is going ON with all of this?! I don’t think my voice is dangerous, do I? I’d never looked t
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A Case For Being Self-Centered

Raise your hand if you worry about or have been taught to avoid being self-centered or selfish or if you expend so much energy being self-effacing in trying to be humble. In my practice, I find that many of the women I coach have been trained to put everyone and everything else before themselves. Our children, our spouses, our clients, our families, our friends, and then we’ll serve ourselves from what we have left over. We are taught that it is virtuous to give others our last dime, the clothes off our back, every moment of our time and attention. I’m curious, though. If this is our way of life, where exactly are we giving from? We know the example of putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others in case of an emergency on a plane. It makes sense, right? If you ain’t breathin’, how are you gonna help anyone else breathe? But there are some of us moms out here who even feel a twinge of dis ease with that idea as well. So I ask again, where are we giving from?

Who Dis Woman?

Who am I? As someone just being introduced to me, you may be asking yourselves this question about me. Then there is the more profound question we direct inwardly. Who am I? How do we answer this question? I used to find myself seeking the answer from an outside/in approach. I’d list off my job titles and descriptions and the roles I fill within my family structure. My jobs have been considered unconventional or unexpected and tend to spark further interest, sure. I’ve loved the work I do and have done over the years! That enjoyment is more of a reflection of who I really am than the jobs themselves. What if we took an inside/out approach to learning and sharing ourselves? Who am I at my core? If we were to strip away the make-up, the outfits, the job titles and degrees, even the relationships and who I am to other people, who is left? Sometimes we find ourselves disheartened by this exercise, fearing there is nothing else there. So much time, energy, and focus have be

About From The Core Coaching

As a coach, I am committed to helping people improve the quality of their lives. I’m strongly invested in the areas of Women’s Empowerment, Relationships, Your Voice, and Career Transition. On Women’s Empowerment: I am passionate about women being empowered. It is time to restore balance. The transformation we seek in the world lies in amplifying the voices of women and increasing their presence in positions of power and influence. Supporting women leaders in all aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, wellbeing, finance, and spirituality, allows women to achieve sustainable high-level success in alignment with their values while nurturing their wellness. My specialized Executive Coaching is geared towards: Women in the C Suite Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Military Leaders Politicians Influencers Educators Leaders Mothers and Matriarchs On Relationships: Relationships are essential, and nurturing healthy relationships makes lif